Drop Dead Fred

My Naughty Dream NSFW

Last night I had a rather interesting dream featuring a rather well known actress if you were born in the 70’s-80’s, and watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Her name is Phoebe Cates. The dream turned out to be slightly naughty, and since in the dream I told Phoebe that I’d blog about it… here I am! It started off with me in bed with her, but I still had some clothing on. ...[Read More]

Movie Remakes

Why does the movie industry feel the need to saturate viewers with movie remakes?  Why not do something original more often?  The last few years, especially, has seen a veritable explosion of movie remakes, and it seems the trend is far from over. Anyone remember the 1991 Phoebe Cates / Rik Mayall film Drop Dead Fred?  It was a fantastic film that, while commercial unsuccessful, gained a very larg...[Read More]

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