Wheels of Destruction – Heavy Class Trailer

Wheels of Destruction, the PSN vehicular combat title coming “soon,” is getting more and more interesting with each trailer that comes out. The game offers five different vehicle types to choose from, with the first class, the Scout, being debuted last week. Now, a second class debut trailer has been released featuring the Heavy class. Seemingly slower, but with a much heavier payload ...[Read More]

Oh yes, it’s Poker Night, and the feeling’s right…

First off, there’s nothing wrong with a little Kool and the Gang, and damn you, sir (or madam), for looking down on me.  That being said, I’m a fan of poker (I know, talk about a non-sequitur!).  My friends and I used to get together every weekend for massive games that would run into the wee hours of the morning, at which time we would go to the nearby 24-hour Denny’s and hang o...[Read More]

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