Working as an Animator with Emily DeJesus

Tekko 2022 is finally over. Despite a chaotic weekend, it was nice to meet new people while reuniting with old friends. Sadly, during the convention, we were unable to interview the special guest voice actors; however, because of that, we were reminded of one special guest at Ohayocon whose interview we forgot to share with you. Yes, they may not be a name recognized voice actor, but they have bee...[Read More]

John Swasey Interview – The Man Behind Crocodile/All for One

If you have watched a dubbed anime you have probably heard some of the same voices in most of the popular anime. This is predominately due to how anime started and grew in America. Over the last decade, anime has gone from a niche trend that certain people enjoy to an almost culturally accepted norm. In anime, names like Chris Sabat, Vic Mignogna, Johnny Young Bosch, Tia Ballard, Nolan North, Tara...[Read More]

Kiba Walker Interview Ohayocon 2022 (Long Bronzed Gilbert)

With PAX East 2022 just around the corner, we are determined to catch up on any and all interviews that may have fallen through the word work. Despite our chaotic schedule and convention preparation, we know that you would love to hear more about the different voice actors that bring to life certain characters. The next interview we have for you is with voice actor Kiba Walker. At Ohayocon 2022, w...[Read More]

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