When Might Generation 3 Be Coming to Pokemon Go

When Might Generation 3 Be Coming to Pokemon Go

Earlier this year, Niantic released the second generation of Pokemon to Pokemon Go. Since then, players around the world have been attempting to catch their favorite Johto Pokemon on top of the former Kanto Pokemon. In order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Pokemon Go In North America, Niantic is holding a celebratory event from July 6th until July 24th. During the event, trainers can catch special Pikachus that wear Ash Ketchum’s hat.  Players can also purchase discounted anniversary boxes which include Raid Passes, Ultra Balls, Incubators, and Max Revives. Although the second generation of Pokemon came to Pokemon Go in February, the third generation might not be too far away.

Five months have passed since the release of the second generation of Pokemon for Pokemon Go. Since then Pokemon Go has evolved, with gyms and Pokemon tracking evolving with it. Although Pokemon Go has yet to institute a trading system, Niantic ensures the community that trading is in the works. Although Pokemon Go is currently thriving, the hype around Pokemon Go may start to dwindle after the one-year anniversary events are over. Niantic has done a great job keeping the communities interests through a wide variety of events throughout the year. If the release of the second generation is any indication on when the third generation might be released, we could see a late summer release for the Hoenn generation.

The Johto generation was released seven months after the app first released for Android and iOS. Although the second generation of Pokemon added 100 additional Pokemon to the game, a little over fifteen of generation 2’s Pokemon had ties to the first generation of Pokemon. If the Hoenn generation was to be released later this year, 135 new Pokemon would be added to the game with only two having a direct connection to the previous generations.

Even though die-hard trainers may want the release of the third generation of Pokemon into Pokemon Go to be sooner rather than later, Niantic will most likely hold off on the release of a new generation of Pokemon until the popularity of the game starts to dwindle. Could we see a late August or September release of generation 3 for Pokemon Go? Which starter would you be most excited to catch Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip? Are there any other Pokemon you would be excited to see or catch from the third generation?

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